Knowledge of flowersFamily flower knowledge sharing,Flowers skill books
For the quarter of flowersTeach you what is the best season what kind of flower planting
  • Agate temple
    Agate temple

      Agate temple,Is a small fleshy plants。Almost no stem,Leaves a thick、Hypertrophy,Tongue,Interactive opposite,Emerald,Surface densely white spots and vertical stripes,Leaflets of celadon,The lack of luster,Plant growth is relatively slow。Total panicle,Cylinder shape,Red。

  • Tendril gold waist
    Tendril gold waist

    Tendril gold waist,A perennial herb。

Kam starFalse epiphyllumLuna lotusMultiple goalsShrimp flowers
More meat plantsTells the story of the flesh,Meat to play new tricks
Flowers originalityGesang jimei,Displaying art!
Flowers in diagnosis and treatmentFlowers master teach you how to care your love flowers!
Leaves are yellow
What to do with cycas leaves became brown How to remedyWhat to do with cloud bamboo leaves became brown Cloud bamboo breeding methodsWhat to do with potted dried leaves of osmanthus fragrans Leaves fall to doCrab cactus leaves soft to do Breeding method and the matters needing attentionWhat is happiness leaves fall from the tree Breeding method and the matters needing attentionFuchsia leaves wither What to do with out budsClematis Ye Zifa volume to do What to do with blackGardenia yellow leaves dry up Petals yellow to do
Long pests
Mirror how the grass can grow Mirror grass snake to doGardenia has spider control methodGardenia flowers on NiChong born to doHow gardenia scale insectsAntlers cuckoo common pest control methodsEpimedium pests and diseases should be how to doThe plant diseases and insect pests of balsamine solutionHow wide j.r.cole door orchid plant diseases and insect pests cure
Roots rotted
Black macrobian flower pole to doWhat to do with aloe root rotBougainvillea roots rotted what kind of remedyLili, hitom roots rotted preventionAnthurium roots rottedTaxus chinensis root rot to doPeony roots rotted solutionAzalea roots rotted how to revive
Flowers etiquette

Flowers etiquette

Buy for your girlfriend can all over the sky starApologize to should send what flowerChasing girls send what flower appropriateWhat kind of flower to momWhat kind of flower to send female friends


What is lily saysHydrangea says what it isBlue snow says pure and fresh quietly elegantWhat is the moral of the lotusWhat do you mean the moral of bougainvillea
Flowers of feng shui

Flowers of feng shui

What leaf flowering heraldGold drill for put the sitting room, pleaseThe sitting room put what feng shui is goodSmooth place in whereRich tree put geomancy taboo
Flowers photographyThe heart of the beauty of the person all has
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