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We provide enterprises with clues from mining、Business contact、Customer management to the sales into the whole process of single intelligence solution
Help big small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce cost of sales on the sales side of things,Improve sales performance

WhyTUNGEEIs a pioneer in the field of intelligent sales

The full amount of enterprise knowledge map

1Hundred million+Enterprise,10000+The business dimension
National enterprise and mainstream data source

Strong ai team

From the top Internet companies,PBLevels of data processing
Mining、Experience in machine learning algorithms

Numerous technology patents and awards

The coreNLP、Machine learning field related patents
A leading various series of awards and certificates

Alibaba strategic investment

Alibaba、Qiming、Nine in venture capital、
The British capital stars such as capital investment

Thousands of business partners

Alibaba service、Focus media, etc
Many well-known Chinese listed companies

Perfect customer service system

Come fromIBM、Deloitte's mark professional consultants
One-on-one help clients succeed

The mark smart sales cloud platform,The closed-loop link business data value

The mark use of big data+AI,Every one of the key nodes of the sales leads to help enterprises improve accuracy and efficiency,Gradually improve the density of the value of sales leads,Finally let sales staff to high-quality sales leads,To improve sales efficiency significantly To learn more >>

The mark products are interconnected,Achieve seamless docking

From the mark a key clue into potential customers,Seamless use of the mark can also touch to touch with bulk,ReuseCRMCustomer management functions to achieve the customer follow-up into a single, Decrease the cost of sales to use,Real-time synchronous follow-up information,Break the internal information island,Achieve sales closed loop。

The mark smart sales cloud platform can help you

The mark smart marketing solutions,With the data+AIFu can for the enterprise

The mark of science and technology with data intelligent sales accelerated for the enterprise

TUNGEEHelp customers make the sales of wisdom

Leaders from the industry analysis of insight and insight

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